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The Basic Steps of Baking Bread and Laminating Dough
The Culinary Institute of America

The Basic Steps of Baking Bread and Laminating Dough

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You too can produce your own high-quality breads and pastries in this two-volume series featuring fundamental baking techniques. In the first part of this DVD, you will:

  • Study the 12 steps of bread baking.
  • Examine ingredients and equipment needed for lean doughs.
  • Learn the straight-dough mixing method for lean dough.
  • Discover shaping and scoring techniques for a variety of breads, including round loaves, baguettes, pan bread, and dinner rolls.

In part two, you will:

  • Learn the proper techniques, key ingredients, and formulas used in producing laminated doughs.
  • Discover mixing, rolling, and shaping methods for creating a selection of laminated products, including turnovers and bouchées.
  • Find out how to evaluate quality in your finished baked goods.

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